Specialty Coffee Flavors

Just what is it that makes specialty coffee so special? There are a number of answers, but quality and flavor are among the most important. Specialty coffee is an experience, a special treat created by skilled baristas, a unique flavor experience that customers are willing to pay premium prices for.


The flavor, in particular, is perhaps the main factor that brings customers into coffee shops all over the country each morning, afternoon, and evening. The high-quality coffee beans themselves are the foundation of superb flavor, but signature coffee drinks also include the addition of other flavors such as caramel, vanilla, and chocolate to enhance the customer’s experience and the taste of the drink.


Caramel flavor, for example, adds the perfect touch of richness to light-roasted coffee for an irresistible drink with a delicious buttery sweetness. Extras such as whipped cream and extra caramel drizzled on top complete the cup of coffee for a tasty treat that’s hard not to love. Caramel flavor is easy to incorporate into coffees or flavoring syrups with ingredients such as Caramel Furanone or Ethyl Pyruvate Natural.


Vanilla and coffee are perfect partners in a steaming mug, with vanilla transforming the coffee into something truly special. Coffee beans, creamers, syrups, sweeteners, whipped cream, and more can all benefit from the delicate flavor of vanilla. Vanillin Natural and Vanilla Extracts are delicious ways to add this versatile flavor to any specialty coffee.


And last but not least, has there ever been a better accompaniment to the taste of rich, roasted coffee than chocolate? Any time of day, chocolaty specialty coffees make indulgent treats. There are countless ways to use chocolate in specialty coffee drinks, from café mochas to flavored hot chocolates. Specialty coffees can also be created using different varieties of chocolate, including white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate (which has some coffee undertones itself). Our Choclatone Natural, Chocolate Extract Natural, and other chocolate flavor products are great ways to experiment with the addition of chocolate to many types of specialty coffee drinks.


For flavorists looking to whip up the next delicious specialty or signature coffee drink, there are countless ways to do so using these three tasty and versatile flavors. They can easily be combined to create interesting and surprising flavors or each one can be developed into the perfect cup of coffee on its own – either way, specialty coffee is one area where there is a lot of room to play with various flavors in different types of coffee.