Cocktail Trends

Cocktail Trends


The alcoholic beverage industry is an exciting one to watch thanks to its ongoing quest to challenge boundaries and deliver something new. Let’s take a look at what trends will be the hottest this year.


CBD cocktails


It’s no surprise that drinks containing CBD would top the list of 2020 cocktail trends. 2019 was marked by the rise of CBD, and we expect to see its popularity continue to grow. You may be familiar with CBD tinctures, balms, candies, or other products, but it might surprise you to hear that CBD has been hugely successful in the drinks industry. From ready-to-drink shots to infused syrups and bitters, CBD is finding its way into all things alcohol. This trend represents an enormous opportunity to experiment with flavor combinations, such as honey, ginger, orange, and apple in a cocktail also containing this popular cannabinoid.


Time for tea


This year, some of the best bartenders are turning to the ancient world of tea for their newest challenge. Some of the highest-profile menu launches have featured tea-infused spirits and syrups. Imaginative drink creators are stocking a wide variety of teas behind the bar to use for innovative cocktail flavor combinations. We are even seeing tea being used to create new versions of old favorites, such as “tea-mooth,” an alcoholic vermouth made entirely from tea. Tea adds a drying element to drinks because of its tannins and can bring even more complex flavors to the fore of a drink’s profile by being fermented.


Innovations in highballs


Evolutions in highballs are on the horizon. While spirits and soda are easy enough to mix up at home, it’s in the best bars that this drink is perfected. And perfected it has been, especially lately. For example, highballs featuring sophisticated flavor blends are growing in popularity, such as sake, red raspberry vermouth, miso, and soda. Innovative highball serves are popping up more and more, with varieties that appeal to a wide range of spirits lovers, from vodka to whiskey. This simple combination of alcohol and mixer presents endless possibilities for experimenting with flavors, and our natural flavor ingredients can help you achieve new tastes for your customer base to love.