The Ever Popular Cherry Flavor

From fruit juices to confectionery treats to cosmetics and more, there is hardly any flavor on the market that is more ubiquitous than cherry. However, the continued popularity of this flavor over the years means that, while it is a classic, it is also ripe for innovation and experimentation. Recent years have seen cherry flavor paired with any other of a number of great flavors to create new and unique flavor experiences for consumers – something that can be accomplished by any flavor company.


Part of the appeal of cherry is that even with this one product, there is a number of variants available depending on the way that the flavor ingredient is mixed and used. Wild cherry is more tart and sweet, while black cherry produces a richer flavor experience. Cherry is often used to flavor water as well as other types of beverages. It can be mixed in a number of different ways, and is often paired with flavors such as lemon and lime to create pink lemonade and cherry limeade flavors, respectively.


Cherry has also seen an increase in its popularity with the rise of custom flavors in baked treats. Cherry and vanilla are a great combination for frosting’s, while cherry and chocolate go hand in hand to create delicious confectionery treats. From gum to gummy candies, cherry has a distinct place in the market. Cherry has also seen popularity in the flavored liqueurs market, appearing in everything from flavored vodkas to malt beverages.


The real question for custom flavorists to consider is how can they make this classic flavor fresh, new, and exciting? A number of new, great flavors have been discovered, such as cherry and pomegranate. The refreshing flavor of cherry is open to much interpretation, and it is likely that its popularity will only continue on as new ways of using cherry flavor ingredients are discovered.