Sparkling Wine Trends Summer 2019

Sparkling wine is largely popular year-round, but summertime is an especially successful season for this light, bubbly beverage. Recipes featuring their wines, partnerships with summer events, and unique bottles all point to the extra attention producers give their products during the hotter months. Although December is the biggest month for sparkling wine as people celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year, summertime is a close second, with drinkers seeking out new and refreshing ways to quench their thirst. This summer, sparkling wine companies are looking to meet the demands of consumers in many ways.


Beyond the glass bottle


This year’s summer sales are being aided by alternative packaging such as single-serving bottles and cans along with new and innovative products. For example, consumers can take cans into venues where glass bottles aren’t allowed. Wine spritzers in cans are one of the hottest trends this year because wine lovers can bring them along to the pool or the beach easily in coolers without breaking the rules. The single-serving format bottles of wine are also more popular than ever, fitting nicely into coolers, picnic baskets, and even pockets. These wines in unconventional packaging aren’t limited to basic varieties, either; increasingly, they are available in a wide range of sweet, fruity flavors that make them perfect for beach weather.


Wine any time of day


Wine used to be a dinnertime-or-later affair, but not anymore. Brunch is the perfect platform for a delicious sparkling wine (as well as a tasty cocktail or two). While some champagne producers balk at the idea of mixing their wines with other ingredients, this isn’t the case with everyone. Brunch-loving consumers tend to favor sparkling wine both on its own and as a cocktail component, and some producers are taking notice. Indeed, this new trend is a great opportunity for flavorists and manufacturers of sparkling wines, whose products are already being combined with other ingredients such as lime juice, honey syrup, fruit juices, and more in late-morning drinks.


These new trends mean that 2019 is a fantastic time for sparkling wine producers to experiment with new ideas and flavors, from premade cocktails to recipes for the home cook to unconventional flavors and unexpected packaging. Our natural flavor ingredients can help you create the next big thing in bubbly wine.