Valentine’s Day: V-Day Treats

For sweet treats, Valentine’s Day is one of the most prosperous times of the year for flavorists, restaurants, bakers, and packaged dessert manufacturers. As during other times of the year, however, today’s adventurous consumer will be looking for the new and exciting in this year’s V-day flavors and products.


As people look to spoil their significant others with indulgent treats on this special day, it’s an excellent time to uncover some new ideas for irresistible cookies, candies, cakes, and more.


Heart-Shaped Everything


It’s the perfect time to wear your heart on your sleeve–and your heart-shaped confections. The recipients of your customers’ gifts will see them before they taste them, so make sure that they look as festive as they taste.


Unsurprisingly, hearts remain a key motif during this holiday, with heart-shaped desserts and candies recording the most sales. Whether you are a bakery offering scratch-made cakes and cookies or a manufacturer selling packaged confections, consider shaping a few as hearts this February 14th.


Surprising Flavors


Surprising flavors are huge lately, and Valentine’s Day will be no exception. There’s more to desserts than sugar and butter, and consumers want it.


One way to put a heady twist on your sweet treats is by adding smoke, heat, and other unexpected flavors. Think bread pudding made with smoked chocolate or Napoleons made with a combination of sweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and hazelnut paste. Chocolate bars spiked with chili peppers have been popular for some time, and now is the perfect moment to promote them.


Blending Old and New


Several hot trends focus on nostalgia and make use of classic root vegetables. Warm memories of carefree days make a great accompaniment to any dessert, so consider combinations of old and new flavors, such as carrot custard with meringue. This trend offers chefs and flavorists a fun opportunity to test boundaries by showcasing the naturally sweet flavors of certain veggies in everything from bread pudding to s’mores.


Valentine’s Day offers restaurateurs and other players in the food industry a chance to please customers with innovative and delicious desserts, offering a flavorful and memorable dining experience.